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Locksmith - Edmonds WA - Door Lock - Commercial Locksmith

RFID security lock for businessLocksmith Edmonds Washington has also been providing commercial locksmith services for a long time.

Providing both normal and emergency 24 hour locksmith services. For those times that one of your employees locks the company car keys inside the vehicle and locks it.

Then calls you at 10:30p when you're already home with your family to go and fix it. That is when you look in your contacts list for "Commercial Locksmith" and call us 425-610-7489.

We will take care of the problem for you fast, and get both you and your employee back to each's respective family faster.

Old or Broken Door Lock Replacement

There are other ways to need an expert locksmith to rescue your business. For example when a security lock or a door lock starts acting the wrong way, or is getting old. We can have one of our local locksmith experts go to your business and check out the security lock or door lock.

Even worse, lets say one breaks and you end up locked out of your business. You will need a local locksmith that will come to you and open the door using their lock picking tools. And they work on most all brands of deadbolt and door locks so we are sure they will be able to unlock it for you with the lock picking tools.

Combination commercial door lockThen give you the options available, usually repair or replace. And most of the time our expert locksmith will be able to do the job without leaving. This helps them complete faster, and most importantly not miss anything because of the time interruption.

We perform a door lock replacement and add options like a keyless entry automatic lock. That way you can just tap or get close to the lock with the RFID card on you and it will unlock the door hands free. These locks will make unlocking and locking your door lock a breeze.

So if you want a keyless entry automatic lock installed on your business, or if you need lock picking service or you want us to service a security lock, or any other type of commercial locksmith service just call 425-610-7489 and we will send you a locksmith right away.

Remember to store the phone number in your contact's list too. That way they can take care of all the commercial locksmith services you will ever need. Using the same company you can trust every single time.