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Locksmith - Edmonds WA - Lost Car Keys - Expert Locksmith

Expert locksmith handing replacement car keysAt Locksmith Edmond Washington we have been providing services for auto, residential and businesses for a long time.

And during this time we have become the best pick for local locksmith company for the people in Edmonds WA. We have done so by providing expert locksmith service at affordable prices.

Makes you happy, and keeps you saving over time by using us as the local locksmith company you keep on your contacts list.

Which in the end is way more rewarding (to be able to cover your locksmith needs for years) than the other companies that try to make all the profit in the first job.

Expert Locksmith Upgrade Door Lock

It doesn't matter if it's your car, your home or your business you're going to want to keep the door lock up to date on all of them. This will help you achieve the highest level of protection and will make going in and out of your house when it's locked a lot faster.

Like the keyless entry door lock. For your car it comes in the form of a car key fob that replaces your door key to unlock car. As from that point on you will just have to press a button to lock and unlock car without using a key.

For your home or business it can be in the form of an RFID based card you tap or wave in front of the lock to unlock it. Eliminating the need for a door lock key.

Lost Car Keys? I need Replacement Car Keys

Home and commercial door lock upgradesHaving to deal with lost car keys is a pain. As you will need to have an expert locksmith go to your location and utilize their lock picking tools to unlock car for you. Then they will have to do a car rekey so that the lost car keys don't work to open your locks if ever found. And also to make you a new set of replacement car keys.

Once they're done with lock picking the car. And done with the car rekey service you will have a new set of replacement car keys that is high quality and will last you for a very long time.

Pick up the phone and give us a call right now 425-610-7489 to request your upgrade to keyless entry locks for your car, home or business. Or to have us make you a replacement set of your lost car keys. We can also inspect, repair and replace any type of deadbolt and door lock.